ARTrepreneurs is a weekly podcast that inspires photographers and visual artists to manifest their best creative lives. We're sitting down with an amazing community of visual artists to talk about process, business, and the lessons they've learned along the way.

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The time saving power of Chat GPT

June 2, 2023

EP 119: If you haven't used Chat GPT yet, you've at least likely heard of the noise it's making across a variety of industries. Well, in today's episode, I specifically talk about how this AI platform can help photographer…

The advantages of starting your creative business after 40

May 26, 2023

EP 118: Perhaps starting your creative business in your early 20s seems ideal, but there is no one way to approach a creative life, let alone a singular progression. In fact, there are many advantages to starting or pivoti…

Owen Main: What golf teaches us about life and business

May 12, 2023

EP 117: Golf is an amazing opportunity to network and connect with people. It's also a great place to learn valuable life lessons. My guest is Owen Main, a Southern California photographer who has built a successful 6-fig…

The pitfalls of chasing work-life balance

May 5, 2023

EP 116: What does work-life balance mean? Is it achievable? Is it even an achievement at all? We all face times of imbalance in favor of our work life, so what measures need to take place to tip the scales back towards r…

Christian Brim: Why no business owner should do their own taxes

April 21, 2023

EP 115: Did you know that accounting is an important part of your business? Of course, you did! The problem is many of us are not fully equipped to handle those duties while also trying to be the very best artist we can b…

Stop sending attachments in your cold email pitches

April 14, 2023

EP 114: Maybe this is a hot take, but I think attaching any sort of file in your very first cold email pitch to a new lead, is counterproductive. It could be a pitch deck or it could be photos you want to highlight, but att…

How to make the most out of a big photography conference

April 1, 2023

EP 113: Have you ever attended a big photography conference? What are the benefits? Will it be overwhelming? In this episode, I'll recap my very first WPPI experience, and give you 10 tips to make the most out of a big s…

My WPPI portfolio review with Miguel Quiles

March 24, 2023

EP 112: Miquel Quiles is a Sony Artisan of Imagery portrait photographer and digital creator, and in this episode, he's looking at my book and helping me navigate my next moves in wedding photography. If you've never had a…

Phylicia Willis: How to set up your first styled wedding shoot

March 17, 2023

EP 111: If you're getting into wedding photography, doing a styled shoot may be very beneficial for networking with vendors and developing your own portfolio. As someone who hasn't shot a styled wedding shoot before, I wen…

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Hi Artrepreneurs! My name is Michael Der and I am the creator and host of this humble show. I have been a self-employed commercial and editorial photographer for the past 7 years, working with a variety of corporate and individual entities to improve their visual brand.

The lessons I've learned in becoming a business owner have been painstaking on many levels, and it is my goal to provide you with some of the insight I wish I received when starting out. Whether you are a hobbyist or a se