ARTrepreneurs is a weekly podcast that inspires photographers and visual artists to manifest their best creative lives. We're sitting down with an amazing community of visual artists to talk about process, business, and the lessons they've learned along the way.

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How to implement zero-based budgeting

June 25, 2022

EP 78: Budgeting has a dirty feel to it doesn't it? It makes you feel like you did something wrong or that you're in a timeout corner at school. The reality is budgeting do not have to come with shame or embarrassment. T…

Do you need a DBA for your Sole Proprietorship business?

June 17, 2022

EP 77: DBA's, also known as Doing Business As, can be a brand-building decision for your business, but is it all that it's cracked up to be? What is it and why do people get them? Support the show


The Freelance Isn't Free Act

June 10, 2022

EP 76: A bill has passed in the state of New York that impacts freelancers in a great way! One of the struggles of being a freelancer is collecting timely payments from clients, and this Act aims to hold companies accountab…


3 Financial targets for your post college career

June 4, 2022

EP 75: Congratulations college graduates, it is your time to shine! The road ahead promises many great adventures and obstacles that will both challenge and inspire you as you begin your autonomous lifestyle. One such adve…


The importance of valuing your Intellectual Property, and not just your labor

May 27, 2022

EP 74: One of the common traps I find freelancers fall into is they price themselves without taking into account the intellectual property they inherently possess. In my opinion, this makes us laborers, not creatives, and i…


The constant struggle between creativity and commerce

May 20, 2022

EP 73: I'm not sure if there is an easy way to reconcile the conundrum of prioritizing both creativity and income. If you ask 100 creatives, you may get 100 different answers. Either way, it is a struggle for most creativ…


Uh oh...your client has run out of money...

May 13, 2022

EP 72: The longer I've freelanced, the more common I've seen this occurrence among industry colleagues. Their clients, my clients, your clients, have seemingly run into a snag, and payment for your services, low and behol…


First impressions of mirrorless cameras

May 6, 2022

EP 71: After working exclusively with DSLRs for the past decade, I've finally accommodated mirrorless camera bodies in my workflow. Even though I may be late to the game on this, I'm providing my first impressions on the f…


Is there anything we can do about hyper inflation?

April 29, 2022

EP 70: Facing 8.5% inflation rates is no easy pill to swallow. Regardless of how we got here, we have our own choices to make to combat these stealth taxes as best as we can. In this episode, I'll talk about a few proacti…

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Hi Artrepreneurs! My name is Michael Der and I am the creator and host of this humble show. I have been a self-employed commercial and editorial photographer for the past 7 years, working with a variety of corporate and individual entities to improve their visual brand.

The lessons I've learned in becoming a business owner have been painstaking on many levels, and it is my goal to provide you with some of the insight I wish I received when starting out. Whether you are a hobbyist or a semi-pro, or a recent graduate or a second career creative, I hope you come away inspired to live your best creative life.

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