ARTrepreneurs is a weekly podcast that inspires photographers and visual artists to manifest their best creative lives. We're sitting down with an amazing community of visual artists to talk about process, business, and the lessons they've learned along the way.

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The 7 C's of great communication

Sept. 30, 2022

EP 90: The cost of poor communication with colleagues, leads, and clients can be severe. It can lead to missed opportunities, severed relationships, and tarnished reputations. Likewise, the benefits of really good communic…


Podcast recommendations to help you level up!

Sept. 23, 2022

Happy International Podcast Day! We are celebrating our 89th episode with a tribute to some amazing other podcasters out there who continue to inspire in the business and creative spaces. There are so many fantastic hosts …


3 Friendly reminders when playing the debt game

Sept. 16, 2022

EP 88: Consciously or unconsciously, we are all playing the game of debt in our day-to-day lives. We tell ourselves many narratives to justify our investments, big or small. "This is good debt", "Everyone uses it", and "I…


14 Things you should know about the Student Loan Relief Plan

Sept. 9, 2022

EP 87: Student loan relief is on the way. Whether you love it or hate it; the fact remains that it will be taking place and knowing your situation can help you build a brighter future. In this episode, I'll give you 14 ke…


Why diversification is more important than ever

Aug. 26, 2022

EP 86: Sometimes it feels like we have to choose between niching down and diversifying to maximize our results, but truly I don't see them as mutually exclusive. With sweeping layoffs and hiring freezes around the country, …


Navigating the "free-work" dilemma

Aug. 19, 2022

EP 85: We've all been told that doing the free job is destructive to our career and the industry we're in. "Value yourself", "Know your worth", and "Set the bar high" are all narratives we've heard, and maybe even told ours…


Should you pursue a staffed job or full-time freelance?

Aug. 12, 2022

EP 84: Every once in a while, there pops up a fork in the road, where one side leads toward full-time employment and the other side leads to full-time self-employment. Whether we're in college about to embark on the profes…


Does Instagram really hate photographers?

Aug. 6, 2022

EP 83: Instagram has long been the most preferred and efficient way for photographers to display their work to the masses. However, the platform continues to evolve and favor video content over still photography, leaving ma…


Lightroom updates we might actually like!

July 29, 2022

EP 82: For years, I have felt that the best lightroom updates went unnoticed, because the ones that were noticeable, were either disruptive or unnecessary to my workflow. Recently though, we received a couple of features t…

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Hi Artrepreneurs! My name is Michael Der and I am the creator and host of this humble show. I have been a self-employed commercial and editorial photographer for the past 7 years, working with a variety of corporate and individual entities to improve their visual brand.

The lessons I've learned in becoming a business owner have been painstaking on many levels, and it is my goal to provide you with some of the insight I wish I received when starting out. Whether you are a hobbyist or a semi-pro, or a recent graduate or a second career creative, I hope you come away inspired to live your best creative life.

Welcome to Artrepreneurs!
Michael Der