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I’d love to thank Michael Der for the shoutout on his informative and entertaining podcast Artreprenuers! Mike has been a mentor to me for at least 3-4 years now and it has been a blessing to have him on my side. He has provided me w/ sound and adaquate knowledge as well been an amazing friend. If you aspire to be a photographer or run a photography business be sure to tune into his podcast. He host a large variety of different artreprenuers within the field leading to a sea of vast knowledge and information. If I can cap this podcast up in one word… Growth!

5 Stars!!

If you already know how to take great photos but struggle with the business side of photography, then this podcast is for you. Great host, topics, and guests!!

Consistently excellent

I always look forward to new episodes. The content is always excellent and well presented. Michael clearly lays out the entrepreneurial side balanced with the creative. I never delete these podcasts. I listen to them when I need motivation and help focusing on my vision. The guests are very inspirational and show what a successful creative is and does. I have already seen positive changes in my own endeavors.

Always Excellent

Michael has a way of delivering insightful and motivational content with every show. The quality of information and entrepreneurial knowledge has made me a better creative. I have a long way to go but, his amazing guests are always inspirational. I always come away from the podcast ready to expand my creativity and work harder to make my vision happen.

Love this show!

Had a show like this existed earlier in my career, I would have exponentially accelerated my professional growth by years! Excellent interviews, fantastic insights and the specific strategies to grow a better career as an artist!

Finding Your Vision

Great interview with Alexis Cuarezma! He cuts through the B.S. and provides encouragement without sugarcoating anything. "Do work that's sincere to you and don't listen to people. ... Don't go out and try to get validation from other people." I love his photographic style and look forward to seeing his book(s).

Breath of fresh air!

What a great podcast! I love the concept. Michael and guests bring a wealth of knowledge for aspiring photographers and some fresh ideas for those that have been in the business for some time. I’m glad this resource is available!

Insightful Podcast

Artrepreneurs is an insightful podcast that I love to listen to while editing photos from a shoot. So many photography- and artistic personalities online talk about things so generally and it's really refreshing to get a podcast where both host and interviewee are willing to talk specifics, especially about the business side of being a creator. The best thing I can say is that after listening to Artrepreneurs I'm always inspired to action. Thanks for all you do Michael!

Great !

I love variety of topics and the structure of conversations. To me it feels like Michael asks the right questions at the right time to his guests, which makes it easy and interesting to listen to, stay engaged, and learn new things. Thank you Michael for bringing great guests who are inspired to share their experiences with the audience.

A podcast for the true creator

Mike Der has a knack for finding not only finding interesting topics, but topics that will help you grow as a creative. Coupled with his great knowledge base and host of professional creative interviews, Artrepreneur podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to challenge themselves, grow and move forward. Thanks for what you do, Mr. Der. You make it look easy.

Everything I Wish I’d Known and More!

This podcast is truly amazing. Every episode has countless tips that I wish I had known when I started. Michael’s interviews are through and captivating as well as his other solo podcasts. This podcast has helped me in so many ways and provided so much guidance for me.


Love this unique podcast. There are many out there on the subject of photography, mostly on gear and techniques, but nothing making emphasis on what it takes to succeed in the business of freelance photography/photojournalism and content creation. Awesome