March 10, 2023

5-minute brand strategy with Kaleigh Weise

5-minute brand strategy with Kaleigh Weise

EP 110:  What is brand strategy?  How do you craft it?  And most importantly, how do we ensure our ideal clients are experiencing our brand in a consistent fashion that aligns with our vision?  I'm here at WPPI23 in Las Vegas, coming off a grueling 4 days of networking and learning from a diverse group of creative professionals.  Today I got a few short minutes with Kaleigh Weise, who is an action-oriented problem solver, creator, coach, entrepreneur, and brand strategist educator.  We chat very quickly about what brand strategy is, and the most common hurdles creatives will face in their own brand strategy journey.

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Let me help you use psychology & data-driven techniques to resonate with your dream client!

I'm an endless creator, educator, entrepreneur, and public speaker. I've dedicated my entire career to helping creatives find their visual voice. My focus is on providing the resources and services to help small businesses share their companies' uniqueness through visual branding. I'm also a longtime event business owner, founding Méldeen in 2008, a luxury event branding and paper goods company focused on designing unique touch-points throughout event experiences.

I am proudly featured in The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Grace Ormonde. I've shared my expertise at Wedding Pro Workshops, Wedding MBA, WIPA, ILEA, and other niche creative workshops across the country, offering tips for growing your business through visual marketing.

When I'm not on the go, you can find me at home in Austin, Texas experimenting in the kitchen, reading a good book, or boating with my husband Michael and our two rescue pups, Charlie and Jack.