April 21, 2023

Christian Brim: Why no business owner should do their own taxes

Christian Brim: Why no business owner should do their own taxes

EP 115:  Did you know that accounting is an important part of your business?  Of course, you did!  The problem is many of us are not fully equipped to handle those duties while also trying to be the very best artist we can be.  This is where hiring an accountant can come into play, but that first step in approaching one can be intimidating or overwhelming for first-time business owners.  After all, what do we say?  What do we ask?  Is my business valid enough?  I only do this part-time!  In this episode, I sit down with Christian Brim, who is a licensed CPA, himself, and also the CEO of an accounting firm that works hand-in-hand with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners.   We talk about why it's so important to communicate fully with any accountant about your goals and what you want out of your business.

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CEO of Core Group

I started my first real business at the age of 26 with two children under the age of two and a very anxious wife. My passion is helping small business owners succeed. It is driven by my childhood experience of an extended family business that went bankrupt.
I have worked with hundreds of small businesses from start up to exit, in industries from manufacturing to software. My assistance has been primarily around taxes and finance, but I’ve also done extensive work with businesses on strategy and execution.
Our company, CORE Group, help small businesses with a primary focus on creatives across America with growing profitably with better financial information. We are the creative guide that is Responsive, Helpful & Friendly. Most importantly No Surprises.
I am actively involved in Whiz Kids, a reading tutoring program for at risk kids. I have also been actively involved in Entrepreneurs Organization, serving in various board positions, including Chapter President.
I attended the University of Oklahoma and am licensed as a Certified Public Accountant. Additionally, I have the Certified Management Accountant certification and am accredited in Business Valuation with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. I have been married for 26 years and have 3 adult children.
I have worked as a commercial banker in a previous life, but please don’t hold that against me.