Photographer / Entrepreneur / Business Coach

James Patrick is an award winning photographer, best selling author, entrepreneur coach, podcast host and public speaker based in Phoenix, AZ. He is the founder of FITposium, an annual conference guiding fitness entrepreneurs to grow their careers. James has received a variety of awards for his work as a photographer, marketer and entrepreneur. Leveraging his diverse experience, James has presented on stages coast-to-coast in the United States and has been interviewed for numerous TV, radio, magazine, newspaper and podcast features. James is the author of FIT BUSINESS GUIDE: The Workout Plan for Your Brand and is the host of the Beyond the Image Podcast. His mission is to create art and opportunity for others.

March 19, 2021

James Patrick: How to get your work published

πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― β€œAn imperfect portfolio that is pitched will be infinitely more successful than the perfect portfolio that's never shown to a…

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