Jan. 6, 2023

Nicolas Bates: How personal projects create growth outside of just content

Nicolas Bates: How personal projects create growth outside of just content

EP 101: Today's guest is Nicolas Bates; an outstanding portrait and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles.  In this episode, we discuss how he developed his own style and aesthetic through countless projects and iterations over the years, and why personal work can yield so much more ROI outside of just content filler for Instagram.  From relationships to empathy to confidence, there is a lot to gain from becoming a producer of your own vision.

IG: @nicolas_bates

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Nicolas Bates is a Los Angeles native and Los Angeles-based portrait and editorial photographer with experience in celebrity editorials, individual portraiture, personal projects and working with a full team of creatives from inception to post production to execute robust ideas.

He is passionate about telling stories with photographs, and deeply in love with creating imagery to support the incredible art of TV and filmmaking. He is also passionate about photographing talent within the entertainment industry and people with extreme talent in general (whether that be in entertainment or elsewhere).

Nicolas is enthusiastic about photographing everyday people in a way that makes others interested in them and what they do. He loves the idea that people will stop and view images of everyday folks in the same manner as celebrities—that people of completely different socioeconomic status and privilege can be just as interesting as the other.

He attempts to feather the line between the refined and raw, creating work that is honest of his subjects—keeping their authentic nature and likeness—all the while producing clean, timeless imagery.

Nicolas has a high-level attention to details, a keen sense of style and a penchant for problem solving while under the gun. He absolutely loves seeing large-scale ideas come from concept to completion, and finds a massive sense of joy and accomplishment from it.

He loves ‘80s films, music and culture and is a musician as well as photographer. He also enjoys being on the tennis court weekly.