Sept. 23, 2022

Podcast recommendations to help you level up!

Podcast recommendations to help you level up!

Happy International Podcast Day!  We are celebrating our 89th episode with a tribute to some amazing other podcasters out there who continue to inspire in the business and creative spaces.  There are so many fantastic hosts who are not listed in this episode but make no mistake, your work is appreciated.  Thank you all for your continued inspiration!

Podcast recommendations

  1. The Quote of the Day with Sean Croxton
  2. Profit First Nation with Danielle Mulvey and Mike Michalowicz
  3. The Futur with Chris Do
  4. Jill On Money with Jill Schlesinger
  5. Real Biz Talk with Rachel Brenke
  6. Book More Clients with Brooke Jefferson
  7. Bokeh - The Photography Podcast with Nathan Holritz
  8. Midconvo with Edward Lee and Paul Weaver
  9. Just a Good Conversation with Matt Brown
  10. Beyond the Image with James Patrick

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Seth Godin's Startup School
  2. The Real Model Talk with Kayla Jones
  3. Borrowed Future by the Ramsey Network


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