Food Photographer / Educator

I've been taking pictures since I was 8 years old. I grew up in Newark, Delaware. I moved to California in 1989 to attend Art Center College of Design where I received my second degree in photography in 1993 and have been shooting ever since. I'm based in Redondo Beach, the South Bay in the Los Angeles area but shoot all over the country. I have family in Delaware and travel there frequently.

Over the years I've shot thousands of food images. If time allows, I do my own production. I've coordinated and prepped over 1150 jobs from a one day shoot with a few shots a day, to jobs that were three weeks long, with two sets going, a shot list of 175 images, and a crew of 15 people.

The type of gear I use totally depends on the job and it's requirements. For my commercial work, I use medium format cameras with high resolution Phase One digital backs in order to get extremely large, crisp images with beautiful color.

I also have done several speaking engagements and workshops at food blogging and cooking conferences throughout the US.

My current project is one close to my heart. I created the first food photography membership site called The Food Photography Club. This is a site dedicated to all things food photography, teaching everything you need to know to become a food photographer with video content, live webinars, and a community environment. The Club was launched in April of 2017 and we have several hundred active members.

After dealing with digestion issues my whole life and finally working on it in August of 2015 at the age of 46, I came to realize that I had to seriously change the way that I eat. As a result of this, I pick my clients very carefully now and aim to work with those that have a similar food philosophy as mine.

I have extensive experience creating images for ad campaigns, food packaging, menu boards and printed menus, eCommerce, magazines, cook books and other collateral materials to sell a food product.

Client Roster
This is just a small selection of some of my clients over the years: Arby's, Baja Fresh, Bath and Body Works, Bristol Farms Markets, Brookside Chocolates, Bumble Bee Tuna, Burger King, Campbell's Soups Souplicty Brand, Cesar Pet Food, Chipotle, Cici's Pizza, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Country Crock, Delaware Today Magazine, Domino's Pizza, Gelson's Markets, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Good Life Dog Food, HarperCollins Publishers, Herbalife, King's Hawaiian, Kraft, Libby's, Marriott Hotels, McDonald's, Nestle, Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, Pedigree Pet Food, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Rubios Grill, Taco Bell, Tyson Chicken, Whole Foods Markets, UPS, Walmart, Weight Watchers, Wrigley's, several ad agencies in the US and Europe, design firms, national magazines and book publishers.

July 23, 2021

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